Master Chef of Zara!

For a change, this time indimilano post is NOT about a trip.

This is about the day we got to know this cooking genius!
Mr. Saravana Kumar, our class mate and friend from Politecnico.

He had invited us to his hostel room at Zara for a home made lunch.

He had already prepared the 'Maida' sculptures by the time we reached his room. After all, he's a Madirasi expert in Porottas!

of course, the ladies were there to help and to taste! :P

Some more special preparations from the master chef...

Chicken Curry/Fry!

Egg Curry!


Mutton Curry!


Whoa!... that was a killer lunch!!

And then, we tried to watch a movie! . ..dumbest thing ever to do even after such a tasty and heavy lunch!
Hence, when Aamir khan said "aila.. Juhi Chawla!" we were all snorring! :P


By late evening all the food that had gone inside had turned into pure energy! And as you would expect, we woke up into complete chaos! :)

Saravana!!!!!... that was a soopar kool lunch!...
Invite us again for yet another sussooppar lunch! :)