A little about what we eat ... you've heard a lot about italian food eh :P

Well, this is our food storage.. a small fridge in every room.

We fill it with all that we buy from ESSELUNGA, GS or di per di (our favorite.. or cheapest stores here)

We cook anything... and everything...
We try everything.. be it Pasta with sambar powder or Omlette made by mixing Egg, Milk, Bread, Onions, Garam masala and fried in Deep boiled Butter with Mustard seeds... :)
to say the truth... these dishes usually turns out to be really tasty!!

And one interesting thing about our cooking is that each of our dish is Unique!!
... axually it's unique because.. once we make it.. we can't make it again..
Food just happens... we don't make them...

Hmm.. sometimes it's good NOT to have kitchens in your own room. Actually this idea of community cooking has brought lot of interaction within our group. Lot of noise in the ground floor.

And yea.. this is the only time when we have something spicy and indian..
wah!.. wah wah!!

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