Our first planned visit in italy.
But still things were't that difficult since our friend's brother from Politecnico was there with us fir this trip.

Althogh a lot of people had decided to be a part of this trip.... as expected, only a few turned up in the morning... but still.. that was quite a nice number for the first trip.
We started from Milano Centrale, a beautiful... station with huge steel vaults.

And yea, for those people ... like us who only travelled in our Second Class sleeper... this interior might look a little different.. but still.. we don't change.. that's why you're getting pics like these..

Within a few hours we reache Genova.. a beautiful old town with great buildings and interesting architecture..

But one funny thing we found there was this false ornamentation. They just paint whatever they would've constructed.. i don't know why...

Interestingly we could find somebody familiar there.. :)

As i told you, the architecture of that place was really interesting..
you know what, this is the place from Mr.Christopher Columbus started his journey to find India.. Bechara landed up in America by the way... but still.. he's important for us too..

See this.. this is from inside the church. What you see behind as a niche is axually a pipe organ which is played from the keyboard below..

Spending some time at genova, we continued our journey to the beach.
and finally...

Had never seen a blue beach before.. and this was really a great great experience for us.

A place filled with lot of interesting buildings all around..

Have you ever seen a beach with buildings all around?

and yea, it's time for a final click... say cheese.. beep beep.. click!

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