Fashion week -Milan

Fashion show!
something that we've seen only on TV.. 
(yea.. your'e right.. there had been a couple of shows in college too.. but we just didn't consider.. he he :) ... )

Well. valentina (our tutor) said

"It's okay... you can wear anything... hmm.. except 'traditional'... and be elegant!"

:) hmm.. i know why she said "except traditional" ... he he.. i think she's still in shock of our Onam attire!!

Whatever it is.. we decided to try out something really weird.. check this out!!

"Yenna raaascala!!"

Don't ever think that anybody could've gone for this show..
We had official invitation from Roccobarocco.. kya baat hai!! he he :)

We had one of our faculty (i think) from POLI.design there at the show..
had to wait for a while... the show was not yet started.

The feel of the place was awesome!!..
A big hall full of people and media people.. great lighting and awesome sound!!

DIMIs were ready for the show.. :)

Anda yea.. jhaka jhak!!..

Flashes went like lightning..
You can't imagine the Camera crowd at the end of the ramp.. !

The first collection was really grand with heart thumping music!

And at the end... to complete the feel of an original fashion show... the designer showed up...

You can see a small video clip here.. very bad quality.. if you want.. you can go watch FTV ;) instead..!

And yea... feedback from our friends.. that's interesting..

Well.. now it's time for US.. to have some fun! :)

Yo!.. Italiano.. Fashionano!! :)

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parththefirst said...

a French fashion show...LIVE!!!

man u r having the time of your life!!

enjoy buddy..n keep sharing..

whatever you say..ftv goes nowhere to personal experience! Reality is REALITY. You cannot compare watching porn to having sex!! :P