Yet another fair visit.
This time it's to a little town in italy called Verona..!
Sounds familiar? well.. yea, the city of Romeo and Juliet..

We started from Cadorna, the same bus which came to pick us from the airport on the first day was ready for us.

That was a long journey to this distant town. A nice long road through the green fields of italy. Wine yards and much more... Although most of us slept on the way.. including me.

Well.. forget the fair... of course it was really interesting and pretty big too..
But i know it won't be that great for you if i put pics of all the stalls.

But anyway.. here are some..

And there was this special display by this architect called Simonelli.. a concept for a new campus living.. see the interiors.

What you see above is a TV which is also a mirror.
and you can see the whole of DIMI crowd in reflection including me.

Want to be in a bedroom like this ever?

Well.. Anything will do.. but what about a toilet like this? i don't know.

Well.. what to write more about a fair.. we came back in the evening :P

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