Trip 01, the rest of the days

Hi guys,

After a looooooong time, I'm restarting this blog.. with entries from the past :) May be this will help us remember and re-live the awesome time we had there!!

Well ya, by 'awesome', I meant "AWESOME!!!"

We were at Recanati (still...) and each day was a memorable day... visiting places, eating pasta, drinking wine, roaming around, having fun in that great, small town to come back and sleep at the cozy hotel room.

Well, to talk about the hotel room, hmm... see, this was the view from my window!

And as I mentioned before, it was great fun to empty all the wine bottles on all the tables and go for a walk(?) Singing and dancing to the "world's most pathetic dance" tune, and making noise that reverberated along the narrow corridors of that beautiful township.

and we celebrated Neha's birthday right in the civic center courtyard with a bum-dance! This crazy dance form was introduced by Saravana where people are supposed to write H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y  with their bums. And needless to say, it was deadly hilarious!!

And one day, when our coordinators took us to the Recanati Beach, it was fun time again!

And one evening to Loretto church. Architecture in italy is something that you should enjoy with all your heart. Just roam around, be there at the piazzas, town squares, church courtyards and enjoy those type of spaces that otherwise you won't even find in India.

And there we saw some funny technology for lighting candles. You put a coin as offering and one candle will light up!! ha ha ha!!!

Of course, it was a study tour and we had been visiting Italian factories, design houses and much more. One thing that I must say about the factories is 'automation'. When we went to this Florim tile factory, It was all bloody damn automated, that virtually we couldn't find any human being there!!.

And the first one that I met there (except for the guy who was showing us around) was the cleaner guy with a bucket and mop. Just check out this video where you can see robots (or automated machines) which runs around stacking tiles, and moving them around. (I can't find that video now.. will update as soon as i find it)

And while we were at Faber, we found a poster which looked very 'Indian' :)  and indeed, it was Indian :P apparently, this Faber guys have strong Indian business connections (they have a store even in Thrissur, Kerala)

We visited so many Italian factories, stores and design houses that I can't really mention everything here. But some of them, which really stood out of the crowd, I must mention here. Like FAAM, who had the 'best' logo ever. and I bet no one can ever beat the Starting Slide of their presentation!!!!

But I'm sure, it was not just that slide which went into our hearts as sweet memories!

Heard about this place called Urbino? Don't mind if you haven't.
The point is, we had been there!! :)
Yet another awesome city in an awesome land!

I'm confused at this point that I have sooo many photographs that I'd like to put here.. But it's practically impossible. Anyway, I hope these few photographs will revive our old memories and create a mental picture, which we all can enjoy.

And on our way back, we say a flock of sheep again. It was Laura and Chiara who told us about this practice of "saying bye bye to the sheep". As per Italian belief's. Believe it or not, saying bye to them always brought us plenty of "money pockets" :P he he!

And after two weeks of great fun, we had to say bye bye to Recanati as well. But not before that night when we all food and wine once again with Mr.Bossa, Chiara and Laura. Still remember all the noise we made that day, and Chiara's toast.

And the next day, we started our journey back to Politecnico di Milano... Just to continue all the fun that we had been having all day... will post about them soon... see ya.


MAG said...

oooooohooooooooo...bbbrrraaavvoooo....bijoux is back...

himani said...

Hey biju.... u r such a sweet heart .... welcome back to memories!!!!!!!!