Get set Go!


at last we're ready to fly to italy!

Ready with our 30kg baggages with lots of stuff to eat in milano... we were about to leave from IDC. Manoj, Manish, Neha from NID and myself. all set for the trip.

That was a great farewel that we got from IDC.. lots of love and good wishes from their heart.. that we could feel it. Thanx guys.. we'll miss you a lot! Lot of juniors, superjuniors batch mates.. that was a great great feeling to say bye..

A taxi from IDC to Mumbai airport.. a journey with lots of excitement. Suresh was with us all the way till the airport. Where we found many of the other members ready for the trip.


We started half an hour late at 00:50am, 2 Sep 2008 in Swiss air, after all those security checks and clearance bakwas. We were all seated separately although me and manoj could manage to get a seat together.

One good things about international flights is that you get lots of free food and drink. May be because of the same reason, khate khate mera tummy kharab hogaya :)

Since it was a night flight there were literally nothing to see outside and we were off to sleep pretty soon. The seats were really non-ergonomic (at least for the Indian proportions) that it was bloody difficult to get a sound sleep. And when somehow we managed to get a little sleep…

“Excuse me sir,” …. That was the air hostess,..!! serviing breakfast at 4:00 am. Free food hai na.. how can we just leave it aise, even if we were sleepy, sote sote wo bhi khaliya :)

We reached Zurich, Switzerland around 7:30am. Manoj stepped out of the plane, putting his right foot hard on the foreign land breathing the cold fresh air or Switzerland!

We had a connection flight from Zurich, a small jetplane in which they served delicious Swiss Chocolate and Coffee! Hmm.. yummy!

It was a short flight above the alps and the views were awesome!

and within a few hours we landed in Milan… :)

… to be continued.

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