So we're in Milan!

We didn't have to wait for a long time in the airport for the DIMI people to come.
There were three people from POLI.design to greet us, two of them indian students Saddak and Sahil, and our tuotor Valentina Auriccio.

We had been waiting for a bus eating the delicious swiss chocolates we saved from the plane. And a few minutes the buses were ready.

Sahil and Saddak explained a lot about milano on the way starting from locating the places on the map to further details on how to live in milan..

A tiny nap and we were in Bertoni. that's the street where we live in milan!

Francesca (our other tutor) showd us the rooms and all

:) haaa.. it's a nice place to live in.

Manoj, Manish and Myself in one room.. big enough (or may be too big) for three people. nicely furnished with cupboards, tables and a chhotu sa fridge :)

Alessandra Explained everything in italian.. (he he :) we didn't understand a thing as she kept on talking in italian... thanx to our tutor Francesca who kept translating whatever she said. ..)

A small kitchen where we can cook together. And the good news was that we got €200 to buy utensils :) (will write more about that shopping trip tomoro)

Food from the plane had done something weird in my tummy that i had to sleep all the time in the eveing when all other went out to explore the city.

It was around 10:00 pm italian time when they came back.

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Linus said...

Hi Guys,

Are from IED?
Isnt that Francesca Grillo?