One fine eveing.. we thought we'll go somehwere...

We saw some green patch in the map and thought it must be an ideal place to spend one evening.. Did not go how to get there.. but still we just started...

Ofcourse.. water is something you get for free in italy.. you may find fountains every where.. but the ironic part is that if you have to buy a bottle of water.. you have to spend like anything!! Even water is bloody expensive!

Another funny thing about italy is that here these guys doesn't seem to be trusting new technologies.. reminds me of Mr.Bean, when i see them locking their Scooters and Bycycles to the posts nearby..

He he.. but still... people manage to get away with what they wanted..

Look at this Orange cycle.... must had been complete the day the owner locked it to the post.


Well.. we walked a lot.. looking at the map.. changing buses and all..

and at the end.. managed to get to this beautiful green patch of land..

Don't know... but it felt very good to be away from the city with lot of buildings around..

to be in a calm and quiet place like this .. chatting and watching people fishing and all...

Can't deny.. this reminded us about our good old times at IIT

sitting on the deck of powai lake.. watching the sun set...

Coincidence.. even the iconic swans if IIT Bombat were there...

Nice place..
does this look like milan to you??

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