Hmm.. it's not as we thought.. not at all...
Politecnico di Milano.. is a big university.. pretty old too..
See.. what you see down below is their Bovisa Campus.. And POLI.design is where that Red circle is shown.. we're right in there..

First day when we came to the campus.. we were really lost..
Walked around a lot to find POLI.design..
And somwhere we saw this building...

Later we got to know that this was the Politecnico's Library

Look down.. click on the pic.. for full size view!!..
I don't know.. these guys make amazingly great graffiti!!

I still wonder.. WHY do they do it...
and if they do it just for fun.. how come they're so nice in this art...
every image is an art piece... whew!!

OK.. what you see down is our class..

We're 31 students in here.. including those two professors from NID who has joined the course..
well.. as you can see.. it's a nice class ...

First day.. wooo.. they had arranged a delicious(looking) lunch for us...

Wow.. that was awesome!!..

And as the best part is that it's free....

And you know.. the Fanta here.. is not Orange (Although the bottle is orange) it's almost yellow in color and tastes like lime juice :P

And now what you see now.. are NOT pastries..

Look closer.. it's NON-VEG..
you can see Prons, Tuna fish etc.. arranged in nice creamy toppings..
To say the truth.. it was yuckey!!

This is Francesca (left) and Valentina (right).. our tutors..


Well.. although the lunch was free on the first day,.. that was not the case everyday.. :(
And to eat outside is extremely expensive..!!!
what you see here is a luch worth 5Euros (arouind 325 rupees)

Anyway.. the class is fun..
and interesting too..

That's valentina -our tutor. sitting in the center.. and Hussain (left), an indian Student at politecnico.. Doing masters in Strategic design.. Now here to help us.

Ofcourse..we're what we are.. he he :P

The next day, we had a visit of the university campus.
was nice to see such a high quality environmnt and highly sophisticated workshops.

The model of the new building at politecnico.

Valentina explains the 3D scanning equipment..

And one day.. one fine day.. :) it was ONAM..
We missed the IDC onam celebrations big time!!.. really!!
but still.. we managed to dress up a bit and go to the class..:)

Mis. Galbiati (our prof) was so amazed to see us in this strange cloting (remember, this is milan.. the fashion city!!)..

Well.. Onam is never complete without Banana chips..
(thanx to dhuri and soumya for the idea.. axually they asked me to distribute the chips in milan... Although i brought it to IDC for them..)

ok.. everything's good..
thank god..

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