Officially out!

So we've got 200 euros now to buy the utensils for cooking.
:) sai hai!!

Well.. we set out to IKEA, a supermarket.. where you get things for very cheap prices..
But later.. we knew that even their products were cheap.. bad quality!!

Well, on the way, out.. there's this guy.. outside our house..
According to Manoj, this is the only guy here to whom you can speak english..!

:) Came to know that this is a statue of St.Francis Assisi...

But you know what... i saw this sculpture for the first time, from the window of my room in 5th floor.. That too.. i saw this around 5:00AM... and thought that it's some homeless sitting in front of the church... :)

Hmm.. This is the other supermarket, to which all the other money sensitive people should go.. Actually, our idea of chep shopping is always ESSELUNGA.. (our north india friends like to call it "Aise-Lunga" :P he he..

We roamed around in IKEA for a long time... picking things sensitivey so that we don't miss anything and the overall cost won't exceed 200Euros..

Well.. when we were out... we got a lot of insights about this city and its culture...

Well.. to say the truth.. this is pretty common here... and people are so happy to express themselves.. good thing to do...

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